Hello learners

What are your learning goals?

Your path is unique and our role is to help you plan your route to success and guide you through your learning journey

Secondary School Credits

The secondary school credit goal path prepares learners for Ontario Ministry of Education secondary school credit courses leading to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

There are a few ways to obtain high school credits, learn more about the programs we offer at the Wawa Adult Learning Centre



The postsecondary goal path prepares learners for formal education opportunities at a college or university for which high school completion or its equivalency is the normal entrance requirement.


The apprenticeship goal path prepares the learners for on-the-job workplace-based training programs for a career in the skilled trades.  Preparation for specific vocational skills is also included in the apprenticeship goal path

A skilled trade is a career path that requires hands-on work and specialty knowledge. Skilled trades workers build and maintain infrastructures like our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, farms and parks. They keep industries running and perform many services we rely on everyday.



The employment goal path primarily prepares the learner for an activity for which an individual earns a wage or salary.  Preparation for activities that model work, such as volunteering at a workplace, internships and community placements, are also included in the employment goal path.



The independence goal path prepares learners for the literacy and basic skills required in four functions that contribute to personal independence (managing basic needs, managing personal health, managing personal issues and relationships, and participating in the community).