We have assembled a program focused on Essential Skills in the Workplace. This resource binder provides learners with practical tips and activities to improve their essential skills in; Computer use, Document use, Oral communication, Reading, Thinking, Working with Others, and Writing.

How we deliver our services to the learner?

Because we work with such a wide range of students, we offer a wide range of delivery methods. Independent study, one-on-one support, small group sessions and online learning are all provided. Or, we can offer a blended program that combines two or more of the styles mentioned. Programming is designed to fit the learner, taking into account current skills and future goals. Sometimes, where the person lives helps determine the type of programming that best suits their needs. For example, someone from Hornpayne, Missanabi, or White River, would have different delivery needs than a learner from Hawk, Dubreuilville, or Wawa.

How are we able to offer our services?

We are able to offer FREE literacy programs for both Francophones and Anglophones in this area because we are funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Under the umbrella of Employment Ontario, we are funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement.

Why are we open?

Our goal is to provide lifelong learning for the people of Wawa, Michipicoten First Nation, Dubreuilville, White River, The Mission, Hawk Junction, and Missanabie.

Learners attending our centre are usually aiming at one of these goals:

       Secondary School Credits

About Us

Who we are?

Formally, we are known as the North Algoma Literacy Coalition, or NALC. Informally, we are the Adult Learning Centre for Wawa and surrounding area. As a non-profit organization, we have a long history in the community and are excited to report that we are growing! We are pleased to offer our Francophone friends the same learning opportunities that have only been available to English speaking learners up until now.

What we offer learners?

Our Centre welcomes all adults who are interested in learning. We have helped some individuals learn to read and we have supported others working on high school credits, college courses and university preparation. We continue to offer ongoing support for the GED, a grade 12 equivalency program. We can also provide that same support to learners wanting to complete their grade twelve studies in French.

We offer online training to over 124 courses through HRDownloads. Learners can enhance their résumés with training certificates in: Accessibility (AODA), Customer Service, Health and Safety, Leadership, Performance and Conduct, Professional Skills and Workplace Wellness.