Get Ready For Work! A new WALC program

It’s been a year of opening and closing, opening and closing. Many businesses and employees have had to adjust to an ever changing work climate. Along with the many changes for safe interaction it has been necessary to move to digital platforms where we are meeting and interacting online. From business meetings, health care, self-interest and hobbies to interacting with family and friends, digital literacy has become a new learning curve for many of us.  Education too has had to move, more and more to online platforms. Not only do we have to learn how to get connected to online learning we are also using a whole new skillset, to get our work completed.

Literacy and Basic Skills programs have also had to adjust to a new learning environment.  Once thought of as a place where you could learn to read and write, centres all over the province, like the Wawa Adult Learning Centre, have adjusted services as the needs of our communities’ have changed.  The Wawa Adult Learning Centre has, for some time, offered adults over the age of 19 options to education including opportunities to gain a High School diploma with credited courses provided through booklets or an online platform, as well as learning materials and training to challenge the General Education Diploma (GED).  In fact, LBS programs offer skills based on a number of different pathways identified by our funders and learners. Theses include the independent and secondary school pathways as well as the essential skills needed moving learners forward in their goals towards post secondary education, apprenticeship and employment.

The Wawa Adult Learning Centre is launching a new free online program for adults ages 19 and up. We are blending distance learning with some of the basic skills needed to assist learners seeking pre-employment or improved employment skills. This program is FREE and offers learners the opportunity to obtain certificates in WHMIS, Food Handlers Certification and/or Smart Serve along with modules in essential skills enhancing employability. Our program also assesses abilities like communication, teamwork and critical thinking that would make a learner more apt to gain employment.  Due to the lockdown, the entire program can be completed online in your own home at your own pace. When we are able to open our doors again, you will also have the opportunity to complete the program at our Centre.

For information on the Wawa Adult Learning Center programs and this Online Pre-Employment – Get Ready for Work Program in particular, please contact us at 705 856 4394 or email us at Our door is locked but we are here ready to support you with pre–employment skills to enhance your job search.


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