OTF - 2012 Grant for $34,400 was donated for new furnishings and equipment to provide a  comfortable working and learning environment.

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development 

We're here to answer your questions: 705.856.4394

​It’s time to brush-up on essential skills, academic upgrading and/or training needed for great opportunities coming this way. 

We have 6 new computer workstations!

Our door is open! It's time to learn!
​Our Services are free!

Tallyho Foundation kindly donated 4 new Dell computer workstations.

It is time to learn! We are happy to open our doors once again on September 5th, 2017. We welcome new learners throughout the school year.
Our hours are Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 3pm. Drop in to find out  about our various free programs; HRDownloads employment training, secondary school credit courses, preparation for the GED, and many

e-channel learning opportunities.

Brookfield Renewable Power kindly donated an HP computer.

We work with our community to promote and provide life-long learning for adults and their families.
​Learn for Life


50B Broadway Ave.

(next to Canadian Tire)

​Let's work together and make the future work for you!

Wawa Ice Fishing Derby kindly donated an HP computer.