Learn for Life

Learning is something we do during our entire life. There are many ways to learn and your educational path might start, stop and restart many times and change direction as your life evolves. 

Whether you would like to obtain you high school diploma, prepare for post-secondary education, upgrade your employment skills or learn a few things to better your wellbeing we can help you find your path and achieve your goals. 

Our doors will be closed from June 21st to September 7th. We are still available through email. Contact Us at info.nalcwawa@gmail.com for any inquiries. Have a great summer!


Get your High School Diploma

Give yourself another chance, it's never too late!

Get ready for employment

Hard work always pay off and good fundamental skills will make you an asset for any employer!

Assess and improve your computer skills

Whether you are still looking for that ON switch or wanting to refine your Microsoft skills, we have a program for you!

Find your calling

What do you want to be when you grow up!

Learn life skills that will help you everyday

Life doesn't come with a manual, fill up your tool box and be prepared for the next challenge!

Boost your resume and move up the ladder

Don't be afraid to go for that job, we are here to help!


It can be intimidating to walk in a new space, here are a few things to expect

We are a not for profit organization that provides opportunities to adults to expand their knowledge and explore their potential. 

Our purpose is to further literacy and life-long learning in North Algoma by following these goals:

  • coordinating, developing and implementing adult education and essential skills training programs in North Algoma,
  • connecting with educational institutions, training programs and networks across North Algoma and with LNN,
  • engaging in fundraising for the purpose of developing public awareness of adult education and training programs,
  • assisting in development to support systems with area networks to continuously collaborate community resources,
  • acting as a resource of information and expertise regarding adult education and essential skills trading programs,
  • developing public awareness that literacy and life-long learning are a right,
  • pursuing related activities to further the advancement of literacy and life-long learning in North Algoma.


Support access to education in our community

Our partnership is an essential part of your success. Check out some of the tools and platforms you will have access to when you register with us.

The Learning Hub


Northstar Digital Literacy

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